Catalogue Kreiss & GFP – Vis-A-Vis EP

Kreiss & GFP – Vis-A-Vis EP
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Genre Minimal, Techno
Cat# ER006
Format Digital



Second immersion in the Parisian scene for our label, after welcoming the producer Eric Tarlouf and his track Taormina remixed by DJ Kaine and Kreiss & GFP, we continue our collaboration with those artists for a four-tracks Kreiss & GFP’s EP where there also is a collaboration with DJ Kaine and another one with Drake Dehlen. So the duo arrives in force on our label after several releases on MP Digital and Anngel Laboratory. At once DJ, producer and radio host, this binomial is a supporter of a melancholic music that grooves, so producing tracks as well danceflloor as downtempo.

The title track, realize in collaboration with DJ Kaine, combines the strengths of stakeholders with a melodic presence, a powerful groove and a catchy rhythm, resolutely dancefloor. The piece is based on a structure consisting of several chains of delay increased steadily to reach a climax rampaging crowds.

“Neptune”, in collaboration with Drake Dehlen, offers a Deep Techno approach with delicate inspiration of Progressive. The opening on a powerful bassline immediately plunges the listener into a spatial and underwater universe not far to recall the cult James Cameron film, The Abyss.

With “Minimime”, the duo exchanges his register and goes in the universe of the Dark Minimal close to the spirit of Julian Jeweil or Electric Rescue. Murderous breaks, an excellent groove and a heady melody make this track a must of the devilish peak- times.

The EP ends with “It’s On A Movie”, a “bonus track” in the Trip Hop movement. Dark mood but also spatial, oppressive atmosphere but pleasant, sounds of a simple complexity, title combines the opposites and the paradoxes and do not let emotions indifferent.