Catalogue Cristian Viviano – In A Spiritual Life EP

Cristian Viviano – In A Spiritual Life EP
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Genre Deep House, Tech House
Cat# ER006
Format Digital



Italian Cristian Viviano puts his suitcase for his new release with the Franco-Belgian label Electronical Reeds, after a stop at Time Has Changed, Monique Musique or Climatic Sounds. This young producer from Palermo scours the dancefloor of his country and of Ibiza where he is living since shortly, with his energetic and powerful sets. This musical approach is also reflected in his various productions where he combines the energy turn to a more deep side or to a warm sound. True to its spirit, the label also uses two of its new producers for two remixes, providing to this “In A Spiritual Life EP” two new visions of the Cristian Viviano’s work.

“I’m Not Alone” opens the EP with a sound between Deep House and Deep Techno on a background of Hang Drums played by the artist himself. This seven-minute journey takes the listener into the disturbing world of dense but relaxing forests. Felix Cage drops, for his part, the forestry approach to focus on melody and offers a melodic Deep Techno track true to his different productions.

With “Be Yourself”, Cristian Viviano increases the rhythm with a track between Techno and Tech House with a more sustained melody while retaining an instrumental wealth. Effective, hypnotic and bewitching are probably the adjectives that best sum up the spirit of this track. Ecco, as the name of the remix suggests, takes an approach radically dancefloor with his funky Tech House version.

“The Warrior March” offers a third atmosphere to this release with a hit-hat techno, a deep melody thanks to the piano, a Tech House spirit and a slight vocal supporting the general atmosphere of the track. This title challenges the listener to take him to the musically rich world of Cristian Viviano.