Catalogue Kreiss & GFP – Soft Memory EP

Kreiss & GFP – Soft Memory EP
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Genre Electronica
Cat# ER013
Format Digital



From time to time Electronical Reeds likes going off the beaten tracks and predicable paths just to offer different and less usual material when one least expects it. For its last EP of 2011, the label with the reeds leaves the dancefloor on the side to embrace the “inner self”. This EP should be savored in intimacy, as it offers a journey of senses and catches the listener’s emotions instantly. This odyssey was written Parisian duo Kreiss & GFP who demonstrate once again their musical diversity and the unbound sound universe. The opening track Moving Keyboards fascinates by the masterful piano improvisation moving on a light and subtle rhythmic background. This piano and its bewitching melody evolve more deeply through In Motion Blue leaving the kick and the bass on a side letting the beauty of the instrument speak for itself. Washing Head abandons the piano in favor of the cellos offering a more introspective and melancholic track. This emotional adventure continues with the deep and nostalgic Patwathead, with its syncopated melody and catchy atmosphere. The mesmerizing and hypnotic Sweet Brawn ends smoothly this introspective journey through listener’s emotions.