Catalogue Eric Tarlouf – Taormina

Eric Tarlouf – Taormina
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Genre Tech House, Techno
Cat# ER004
Format Digital



After three releases by Belgian artists, we propose our first release from a French artist, Eric Tarlouf. Co-founder of the label BTrax Records and defunct Basement Trax and Statik Record Shops, he is also known to all the Parisians for his events Btrax at Rex Club or Abraço at 4 Elements, places where he can pour all the power of his very energetic sets. Organizer, DJ and producer, Eric Tarlouf operates in a sound world between Techno, Tech house and Minimal. It is therefore quite natural that he joined our label and offers his new EP, Taormina, including the remix of his Parisian fellow, DJ Kaine and Kreiss & GFP.

Taormina is a firmly Techno track with a dark and heavy atmosphere interspersed by oldschool acid sounds. The track opens on a powerful kick and an acidified bassline supported by a disturbing voice which accentuates the ambience of the song. Effective effects lead the track until the ascending break which will blow up a dancefloor. The landing will be more difficult thanks to the immediate reappearance of this overpowering kick.

DJ Kaine chooses to take a groovier axis for this remix. The powerful kick is offset by a melodic touch that gives a touch of finesse to the whole. Not to mention the presence of voice throughout the track to remind us of the original. This remix in way a little more Tech House, retains however this heavy and hypnotic ambience.

With an approach less heavy and less acid than the original, Kreiss & GFP offer a more rhythmically worked version thanks to a clever cutting of the sound and a complete restructuration of it. The great strength of this remix is in its rhythm much groovier than the original, but also very precise.