News HMWL wrote about Cristian Viviano – In A Spiritual Life EP

The Swedish website HMWL (House Music With Love) wrote some very nice words about our last release Cristian Vivano – In A Spiritual Life EP.

“Electronical Reeds 005 is a surrealistic, magic soundtrack to a grown up fairytale. The whole EP is like a living creature coming to live from a deep jungle. A bit like Sunju Harguns Mr and Mrs Piyano Master and Kuniyuki Takahashi’s Night Forrest.

First track is a definite 10/10 in my future playlists. Subliminal organic composition is slowly building up around gentle woodwind strokes and night forest sounds. You can almost here the reeds wisper in the night.  Until the kick-drum and percussion kick in at 1:16.

Felix Cage turns the sounds of the wild into a concrete jungle track. Pitching down the pace and bringing in new elements and drums that remind me of  some roof-top party in Paris in 2003.

Track number 3 is all progressive. Be Yourself swipes us away from the city back to a full moon party in Rajastani desert. The percussion programming and occasional build ups are just perfect.

Ecco remix brings down the track to a lower, Beligan lounge level, removing some of the elements and further playing around with the kick-drum, percussion and subliminal vocals.

Warrior March is a tribal tracks that fills out the EP, leaving us at a sunset percussion session on Benirrás Beach in Ibiza.”