Catalogue Optional Feast – Porro

Optional Feast – Porro
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Genre House, Tech House
Cat# ER002
Format Digital, Vinyl



After the success of our first release Zahyara EP, we naturally continue to work with the Belgian duo Optional Feast and always with a selection of choice remixers. Indeed, after Mirko Loko and Ecco on first release, Optional Feast is remixed now by Pablo Cahn and TMP. With these two artists, the label stays true to its spirit which is the alliance between the names of renowned and young talent.

After we have bewitched with the warmth of African sounds, Optional Feast continues to travel and we embark on a journey into the heart of Orient with the presence of Afghan guitars. From the beginning, a dynamic rhythmic with Tech House touches sounds. Voices with spiritual and mystical tones complete the track before the arrival of these captivating guitars. The break, with the quality that we begin to recognize this duo, is positioned perfectly to ensure maximum effect. Percussion and bass are added to give the song its full power! Not to mention the subtle presence of two kicks, one more powerful and heavier that another appears only after the first third of the track. This evolutionary track gives a new dimension to Middle Eastern music.

Pablo Cahn, after the huge success of his song Elle on Cadenza, offers a radically different remix, as to have been renamed “remake” despite conservation of the oriental and melodic approach. For him, percussion lines of the original will be the thread he complements with a melody of violins with different harmonies throughout the first part. Pablo Cahn, who abandoned the guitars of the original mix, takes us to the sounds of flutes which are long and an almost dreamlike break!

TMP, a group of young Belgian artists, understands the Eastern atmosphere of the song but they prefer to take us to Morocco for a more altered version, with many divisions, including through a restructuring of Afghan guitars. This remix has a little more Deep rhythmic but maintains the high efficiency of the song. “The use of percussion mixed to the guitar with the preservation of the original bass” resumes in few word the approach of TMP. The break is a pleasant surprise because it takes us straight into the atmosphere of a Moroccan souk. The rhythm finally come back takes over and headed us for the end of the break which exploded to give us the full vision of what the artist wanted to bring over the original track.