Catalogue Itokim – Colours EP

Itokim – Colours EP
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Genre Techno
Cat# ER010
Format Digital



Electronical Reeds opens its geographical horizons by welcoming the Japanese artist, Itokim. The DJ from the Land of the Rising Sun is one of the worthy successors of Detroit Techno and as elsewhere, it is not surprising to see him supported by DJs such as Fabrice Lig, Laurent Garnier and Rennie Foster. After being released on Night Drive Music, Nice & Nasty and Fine Art Recordings, he entrusted his Colours EP to Franco-Belgian label Electronical Reeds for its tenth release.

From the first track onwards, Calling Out For Days, Itokim plunged into the maze of Detroit Techno with a powerful kick that recalls the great classics of the Motor City. This hard yet melodic sound, unique to the world of this city, is all that richness and depth through four tracks of the EP. Itokim faithfully respects this heritage through an authentic return to the roots yet tinged with this necessary modernity.