Catalogue Ephti – Blank EP

Ephti – Blank EP
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Genre Electronica
Cat# ER023
Format Digital



After successful Remixes EP, Electronical Reeds takes this year yet again an unexpected sidestep music wise during this month of December. Indeed, after the first “Soft Memory” Ep from Kreiss & GFP, embracing the “inner self” released in December 2011, the label entrusts its new introspection to the Parisian producer Ephti, one of Kreiss & GFP duo members. After having remixed Uner’s track Sixthousand released a few days ago, Ephti continues to charm our ears with his very personal approach of the electronic music. He immediately takes us into his universe of piano and aerial sounds on a subtle and bewitching background. Both titles show brilliantly the talent and the open-mindedness of this producer but also the musical diversity of this label, decidedly atypical in the current musical landscape.