Artists Bigasti


Bigasti was born in the eighties and developed his passion for music during his childhood and by playing the drums with his brother.

Without musical education but driven by his sheer interest in electronic music he started around producing in 2013 – an appreciated contrast to his daily routine in the office of a multinational cooperation. This was the year the project “Bigasti” was born. Since then, he spends a lot of his spare time producing.

He takes his inspiration from nature and wild areas. His fascination of mystic nature sceneries is reflected in his dark melodies and mellow beats integrated in a unique atmospheric style.

In summer 2015 and together with his Swiss Friend Floloco he started Schirmchendrink, a quickly growing electronic underground music podcast and soon record label.


Laurent Chanal & Yonel Sun – Twirlyo [feat. Claire Bard]
Twirlyo [feat. Claire Bard]Laurent Chanal & Yonel Sun