Following the historic examples of labels such as R&S Records or F Communication, it is an open mind, quality of productions, and the human side of artist-label relationship which reinforce the foundation of Electronical Reeds’ philosophy. Dancefloor driven cuts and melancholic grooves that shape the label’s sound have received a warm welcome from electronic music lovers and professionals all over the world. More than just a label, Electronical Reeds aspires to be a meeting platform for established and upcoming artists who unite with a common goal of promoting quality electronic music.

We receive a lot of demos. We try to listen to as much music as we can, but we are still human, there are still 24 hours in a day. Please, do not waste our time by sending us:
– unfinished tracks (only signed artists have the privilege to discuss unfinished material with the label)
– R&B, Trance, Hard Style, Commercial Club Music and the like (there are many labels for these genres, we are NOT one of them)
– Zipped tracks (do not attach tracks to emails, they will bounce)
– Public tracks
– 50 tracks (we will not listen to more than 3-4 track from an artist at a time, except if your name is Moby)

What you should do:
Send us 3-4 full length upload on online service player in private mode (Soundcloud, Hearthis,…) with your artist name, track names (credit the featuring artists and remixers if any) and EP name (if any). Join a short bio (tell us what you have done so far and where do you want to go, be creative).

If you have read all the above, then you can send the private links of your demos by clicking on the button here below and you have a very strong chance we will listen to your tracks.

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